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Social Security is an American insurance program which pays out millions of dollars each year. It represents one among many complex government programs. The Social Security program is very hard to understand and use. For example, each companion's benefit for married couples includes 10 mathematical functions. In general, this program has more instructions in the Program Operating Manual System (POMS), than the Federal Tax Code does. This guide presents a basic approach for using the Social Security program, expanding an ordinary Social Security benefit to one with parent, child, matrimonial, divorcee, survivor, and benefits for disability. The authors explain just how signing up for benefits and not receiving them, or starting, pausing, and restarting benefits can help people achieve more out of this program. The guide also talks about risks associated with the Social Security program. This summary provides an informal critique and summary of the main topics and messages of the guide. It also contains more information about the guide itself, as well as important studies and documents about the future and present benefits of Social Security. This summary is aimed for those who want to capture the gist of the book but don't have the current time to devour the whole book. You get the main summary along with all of the benefits and lessons the actual book has to offer. Ant Hive Media reads every chapter, extracts the understanding, and leaves you with a new perspective and time to spare. We do the work so you can understand the book in minutes, not hours. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Eddie Leonard Jr.. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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