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What are simple strategies, techniques, and exercises to reclaim the mind, gain inner peace, and boost happiness?What was Buddha's (the noblest meditator) best teachings?How to go beyond the mind and declutter the mindWhat are the essential ways to discover self and consciousness?How to get the gist of his lifetime books in the shortest timeWhat are simple, calming, non-religious exercises for tranquility, personal growth, and joy?What were some of his most significant insights relevant forever?How to follow Buddha's path for eternal blissWhat is vipassana, insight, walking, and breath meditations?How and why of mindfulness of breath, body, and mindEssential beginner habits to change your practices, mind, self, and develop awareness and consciousnessWhat are quotes of Buddha to power heart, unlock hidden wisdom and intuition?How and why to develop concentrationWhat is Nirvana and the way to it?This book is intended for anyone wanting to transform and improve their life.Are you too busy to even think of big questions like this? Or you sought answers to these in the spiritual books, but did not know where to start or stop? No one pointed to a single unifying solution. Or it's too overwhelming or filled with religious mumbo jumbo? Are you seeking simple meditation and mindfulness exercises that will help in your life goals and point to spiritual wisdom?Welcome to the second part of the Meditation, Mindfulness and Enlightenment Series. This seven-part series is a daily guide of succinct practices, exercises, pointers, insights, and meditations on all topics of self-help, spirituality, and self-improvement. Each book in the series is a crash course in spiritual wisdom containing 100+ bite-size condensed and distilled wisdom of all ages. In 51 days, you'll have new insights to better manage negative thoughts and emotions. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Chris Lynch. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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